Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some Tuesday Tidbits

Adobe has finally finished Adobe Lightroom 2.0!!!!! I played with the beta and liked it a lot, but didn't want to deal with possible migration issues, so didn't switch to it completely. But with 2.0 official now, I think I will be making the switch in the near future.


Rich is looking into getting a photowalk together on Saturday, August 23rd for Prescott. This is in conjunction with Scott Kelby's worldwide photowalk. I'm putting it on my calendar. Who else is down?


The How Tie is awesome. Shlubs like me can now see how to knot one of these new-fangled contraptions without having to go to the internet! They also have some other interesting things in their catalog.




Awesome use of shadow by Pilobolus (check out their website for a few other videos):


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