Friday, July 11, 2008

Ooooo, Gooooo

Non-Newtonian Fluid (Corn Starch and Water) + Subwoofer = Freaky Sweetness



Another video of Non-newtonian fluid. It's not in engrish but it is darn entertaining:


melissa said...

Love the subwoofer one. BASSSSSSS. :)

The other one is funny. Have you ever watched Mythbusters? They did a thing where they walked on cornstarch and water. Too cool.

TomboCheck said...

Yeah, that bass thing was crazy. Like a little monster dancing to the beat.

And I do watch MB on rare occasions (I'm not much of a TV person), but never saw the cornstarch episode.

I think the last one I saw was the lead balloon episode. :)

melissa said...

Ah yes, the lead balloon. That one was funny. I rarely watch TV either though.