Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A heck of a weekend

Last weekend was one of the few that seem like it was non-stop action. We generally keep those to a minimum (thankfully), but every now and then they happen, and in this instance; it was even fun!


Friday night DaNece and I headed up to Jerome to have dinner with my sister Nikki. I have been hearing good things about a restaurant called The Asylum so we decided to give it a whirl. We had a reservation for 8:00, which got us to Jerome right around sunset. A cool breeze was blowing, the scenery was great (like it always is in Jerome), and life was good:


Once we finally met up with Nikki, we headed to the restaurant, which sits above the Jerome Grand Hotel gives a great view of the city, and has a nice vintage feeling:



We opted to sit outside, which gave the advantage of that nice breeze, but unfortunately the light was fading fast and leaving us all in darkness. I couldn't even see my food. Also, due to some noisy diners next door, and that lovely breeze, conversation wasn't easily heard so it was a quiet meal. The food was great, but the service was only so-so, Considering the price of food ($150 out the door for the 3 of us) I was expecting better. I probably wouldn't eat here again, as there are way better places and you can get more bang for your buck.


After dinner we took a quick tour of Nikki's house that she is renting. It is in a ridiculous state of disrepair, but she really likes it so power to her. :)


Saturday morning was the gym (at 5:00AM!! woohoo!), followed by the Beginner Digital Photography class. Wow, I guess we didn't realize just how beginner the class was.... it was pretty boring. Mostly just teaching the elderly folks how to make basic adjustments in the camera, and what the different settings meant.


Boredom took over, and random photos ensued.

Like a basic comparison on how white balance can be important:

And a basic macro image:

The saddest part about the class is that we were really just taking it (as a pre-requisite) so we could go on to the intermediate classes. Talking to the teacher on Saturday though, I learned that the intermediate class is mostly just post-processing techniques using Photoshop Elements...... guess I won't be needing that class after all.... DAMN! But I already paid the money for this class, so we are going to go ahead and finish it.


After class we went to see The Dark Knight. All I can say is wow. You should go see it. Definitely worth the hour and a half wait on a saturday matinee. So good in fact, that we went to see it again on Sunday.


Before seeing it again though, we made an early morning trip to Red Rock Country. A REALLY early trip, leaving at 4:00AM, and arriving at the Wet Beaver Creek trailhead at sunrise.

We hiked for about 2 1/2 hours, but DaNece wasn't really diggin it so we turned around a little short of where I had hoped to go. Oh well. We still worked in about thirty minutes for swimming in the creek which was an absolute blast.


From the trail we headed to Page Springs to diagnose my sister's car which had broken down. Turned out to be bad fuel pump, which I had neither the tools or parts to fix. I recommended she take it to a shop.


Then it was back home for some showers, and out to see the Batman movie again. Did I mention it was a sweet flick? Yeah, you should go see it.


That about sums it up. A very busy, but very fun weekend!


Tony Reynolds said...

You, sir, are an early riser.

TomboCheck said...

Tony - Yeah, unfortunately. 5:30 is the norm because that is when the dogs wake up and need to go out and eat, so it just carries over to weekends as well.

The whole 3:00 wake up thing wasn't as easy though.... but well worth it for the hike. :)