Friday, July 25, 2008

A milestone

So you remember this post from earlier today? According to blogger that was my 500th post!


On year and four months after my first post and here I am. So is the blog everything I thought it would be?


- I didn't end up posting nearly as much philosophy as I had originally intended

- I didn't bitch about work as much as I thought I would

- I got into photography, which has taken over a big chunk of the blog

- I definitely posted as much food as I thought I would

- I met way more people through this blog than I could have ever imagined


And some things just never change - I totally still thing putting rutabagas into mashed potatoes will cause oralgasms on contact.


Tony Reynolds said...

Tom, Congrats on milestone, Like T Boone Pickens would say, the second 500 ain't as hard.

TomboCheck said...

Thanks Tony! I'm surprised at how fast the first 500 went. :)

melissa said...

500?? WOW! Congratulations Tom!

I met more people than I thought I would for sure. I started my personal blog on the basis of blog-connecting with some online friends I already knew, but it has led me to some really great people. Funny how that works.

And keep posting food, yay!

TomboCheck said...

Melissa - Thanks!
I was totally blown away by how many local folks I have met on the web... Now I just have to meet some of them in person. :)