Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The songs I can't stop playing

I always like Mad World, and the Alex Parks version is pretty decent:

Mad World - Alex Parks



Even though I don't speak the language (the story behind the song can be found down the page here) this song is pretty much on repeat in my truck right now:

Candle Chant(A Tribute)(featuring BOSS THE MC) - DJ KRUSH


Audioslave - Like a Stone. Amazingly enough I heard this for the first time less than a month ago. Not sure which hole I have been living in:

 Like a Stone - Audioslave


Kitty said...

I love Alex Parks' voice - that album of hers is one I tend to play a fair bit (although I've lost the case in the latest move). You're the first American I've seen mention her name. x

TomboCheck said...

kitty - I'm not terribly familiar with Alex Parks, but she has popped up into a few of my internet radio stations lately and I was diggin it.

Might have to download an album to listen to more. :)