Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Something's Fishy

Dinner last night was fishy actually.

Yellow-Fin ahi tuna steak topped with buttery shallot/mushroom/garlic. A side of (some very ugly looking) shrimp, long grain wild rice, and bread.


I would love to tell you all how I made this, but to be honest I was not very mentally aware of what I was doing. I pretty much just let instinct take over and cook while my brain sat off in fantasy land. And it was still edible, that's got to be a good sign.


Here is what I do remember:

- The tuna, shrimp, and shallot/mushroom mixture were all cooked in the same pan (in that order)


- The tuna went into the oven after searing, but on low heat just to keep it warm and finish what little cooking it needed.


- The tuna had a bit too much paprika on it, and not enough ginger.


- The shrimp were too salty, and I was totally bummed because I ran out of lemon juice to put on them, which would have made them awesome.


- I cooked the shrimp in too much butter/oil, so they didn't get the sear I was looking for, but they did get flavor from the tuna seasonings.


- Whoever cleaned the shrimp sucks. Half of them still had the poop shoot, and they were all sliced way too deep for cleaning.


- The shallots cooked just long enough and hot enough to get crispy before adding mushrooms and butter. Crispy shallots + rich and buttery mushrooms is a winning combination.


- The bread was some cheap safeway bakery 'artisan' italian bread, but it was REALLY tasty.


Yep, that's about all I got. Honestly - I was just lucky to remember to take a picture. :)


melissa said...

You know, after everything I have been through today, I find it downright soothing to come over here, see a coupla nice pictures and read about your dinner in detail. Not even kidding. :)

TomboCheck said...

Melissa - glad you enjoyed it. Normally I keep a little better track of what is actually going into all the spicings, but I was a total zombie for this meal.

I'm just happy it was edible. :)

Anonymous said...

Do you take pictures of every meal? Your such a HOMO. You know who i am

P.s. Friday night dinner?

TomboCheck said...

Anonymous - not every meal, but every good meal gets a picture. And if that makes me a bit of a homo, so be it. :)

Friday dinner is looking good, but I have to check with the woman. You know how those things go. :)